Why you should give a damn about making money

Well firstly we need to realise there is nothing wrong with making money….

This sounds simple but we all for our personal reasons have views about money…”money is nt everything…Who needs money”, ” you don`t need money to be happy”….money is the root of all evil” ” I live for today…” Who knows what is going to happen tomorrow…” You may as well as blow it….
“You ll never be a success…you `ll never be rich..You cant achieve anything….You will always be broke….

The above are some typical sayings we are subjected to

We need to get these ideas and thoughts out of our head if we want to move our financial planning forward…

How ?

First stage book a comprehensive one to one with a wealth coach, They will work with you and understand why you think the way you do…

So ?
Because if we dont deal with the basics you will not move forward. …Believe it or not our mindset affects our financial planning…

And if you are not a millionaire in your early working or business its 90% harder to get there…as we start thinking…We cant achieve it …or we have missed the boat…and anyway I have a mortgage to pay…kids etc etc…

so the trick is to regain the wealth confidence and THEN

Build a clear logical well planned financial plan….Focusing on improving your weaknesses and investing in the right areas, eliminating debt, and investing for the future. I dont care if you invest £5 or £50,000 per month…JUSt invest…the psychological shift in moving towards being a spender to a saver is immense.

Good luck and comment with your thoughts towards money….

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